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Control Your Burning Desire, Darling
"""I saved your life. So I can possess you."" They met some day, got married on the second day, and then lived apart on the third day! ""Mr. Qin, I really didn't seduce you."" He held her waist tighter and felt that she was stiff. ""You didn't? Then why did you strip off your clothes? Wasn't that seduction?"" What? I wished that he struck by lightning right away and got fainted. It was he who stripped off her clothes! ""Mr. Qin, did you see my pajama?"" ""That's too ugly. I threw it away."" ""How could you...?"" Before she finished her sentence, he glanced at her coldly. ""Alright, It's ok."" She had to change her words. ""Mr. Qin, did you see my nightgown?"" ""I'm wearing it."" She looked for another one but found nothing. ""There're two of them. Where's the other one?"" ""It took up too much space. I threw it away."" She took a deep breath and told herself, ""Control your temper, calm down. You can't piss him off."" After imaging herself beating him up in her mind, she took her uniform to the bathro
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Seven Nights: My Pet Wife
What the hell does your father and his bitch kill your mother, and also sell you to scum, what do you want to do? At the key moment, the rich and handsome man was taking a paper contract coming in front of me. "My period's here and I can't have sex with you."Xin Qing glared at this guy before you. He thought he was prince Charming, but he turned out to be a cruel, tyrannical sadist. 'No, you must marry me! He said savagely to the woman who wanted to leave. Xin Qing sneered: "you are just following the words from your ancestors, I'm just your tool. Let me go." 'Who said that?" The man is full of deep feeling: "you are my child's mother!"
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Hey, Don't Be So Thirsty!
"Her husband had a love affair with her good friend and even secretly left their daughter to take her son away. When she was holding the divorce agreement and about to walk away, the cold man appreared in front of her, looking at her and smiling in a peculiar manner."
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See You Tonight, Master Su
The orphan girl Tong Hua accidentally got trapped by this demon-like man after she was betrayed by her aunt.
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Falling in Love with My Cold Boss
The female boss who was often finding fault with me told me to fix her computer. Unexpectedly ...
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Surrender to the Allure of My Wife
She had been with her boyfriend for so many years and when it was time for them to get married, he went away and married someone else... "Do you know the best way to revenge yourself on your ex?" "What's that?" "Dating a better guy and show off in front of him. Isn't that exciting?" After that, Mu Chuxia did something extremely dumbest--flash-married Lu Jingqiao, her ex's bro. She gradually fell for him when he spoiled her and started to make out with him from her own initiative. But later, when she was holding the pregnancy report rushing into his room, she found that he was having sex with another woman on the bed they used to do that... She threw the divorce settlement to his face and said: "Lu Jingqiao, you're a f*cking jerk. You make love both at home and out with your mistress? I am divorcing you!" The man was usually gentle, but this time he grabbed her chin furiously, "I f*cking love you! You want me to leave? Unless I die!" After she married Lu, she was so sweet during the day time and exhausted at n
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One-night Romance: Marrying a Stranger
A night of the wrong and lingering, let him eat marrow know taste, from now on do not sleep for the combination! They all said that he was thin and cool, but he doted on her to the depth. However, she knew that all he loved was just her body. He has someone else in his heart, the woman who he really loved in deep. ~~~ She begged him to at least let her have his baby. But he said, "do abortion, right now." She turned around and smiled. He was so affectionate to that woman, but so cruel to her... When she disappeared, he was surprised that she had been branded in the depths of his bond, become his favorite!
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Uncle, Please Don't!
"The most miserable thing for Li Yunzi in this life is having her fiance Xiao Rui whom she has loved for three years grabber by her own elder sister. Being deadly desperate, Li Yunzi finally makes her mind: She is going to marry Xiao Rui's younger brother. And she must marry him before that bitch couple's wedding so that they need to address her as "little aunty" every day, making them extremely uncomfortable. But what is Xiao Rui's younger brother, Xiao Chen? Tall and handsome, with sexy body shape, and incomparably great confidence in his eyes. How can a man like him, who has already listed on The Forbes Ranking in his 28 years old, fall in love with such an ordinary woman like her?"
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