Greatest Fantasy Novels

Perspective King in the City
Li Dalong saved people in the rain, and he accidentally gained perspective ability. Gambling stone makes him become super-rich; alchemy makes him a healer; cultivating the immortal makes him a myth of the world. He would earn less money, but he wouldn't let beauties go. Since he opened the eyes of perspective, Li Dalong can boldly appreciate the beauty of the street every day.
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To be a good time traveler, one must have the ambition to become well-known around the world. Wu Sheng says:" Boss Feng, Please let me be your lackey." (The level of Martial Arts practitioners from low to high is: Wu Zi, Wu Shi, Wu Ren, Wu Shi, Wu Jiang, Wu Wang, Wu Zun, Wu Jun, Wu Sheng, Wu Shen.)
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X-ray Poison Doctor: Watch Out, Beauty!
Wang Bing was just a security until he met a mad master that day. From then, his life was changed like a drama. Hey beauty, do you know that I can see your panty by just a kiss? What? No? Well, I have to show you then!
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Reborn Chubby Wife: Cosseted by the Young CEO
The last life of Chu Qiao is a total failure, Her stupid trust in wicked person not only brought consecutive misfortune to her perfect husband whom she was supposed to cherish, but also led to her own miserable death. Now the second chance comes when she revives and opens her eyes again, only to find out that everything has been reset to her wedding day. Swearing to God, she won't believe anyone this time but will only enjoy her life with her husband. However, padded with the whole body's fat and facing the indifference of her husband, she knows that before rebuilding her happy life, first she needs to change her appearance......
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A Gorgeous Master in Feng Shui
I knew everything about Feng Shui mystery and divining the destiny. I actually want to quit smoking and overeating, boozing and whoring, however, I couldn't help myself doing so in this world. Please stay with my sisters. You are of the best age and please let me read your palm and interpret the lines. I traded in police stations and had control of the Feng Shui of Tai Mountain.
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X-ray Guardian of Beautiful Bride
He is not only a gifted doctor with X-ray eyes but also the king of the underworld. Getting back to the city, he becomes the guardian of his beautiful capricious wife!
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Invincible Eye: A Perfect Normal Guy
On medicine, he saves the patient from the dead; on martial arts, he ranks the top; on the treasure, he owns the country; on metaphysics, he knows the heaven and the hell! He picks up all the girls and enjoys the bliss of the world. He is Zhang Jun, a perfect but normal guy...
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Genius Demon Demolisher
"Chen, you are the genius of our family, uncle believes in your talent." Outside the city of Fallen Leaves, there were more than a hundred people. Under the light of the morning, they were telling a young man with concern. These people were all from the Ye clan, and the young man is Ye Chen, the most talented disciple of the Ye family."
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Starting A New Life:I Become A God
Jiang Shen's life sucks. However, he was given the power of God by chance and his destiny changed. Since then, his life is no longer normal but wonderful!
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Block My Way Home: You Must Become My Wife
Zhao Xiangyun became a pampered girl in the 1980s when she was awake, having a mother who was willing to give her everything. However, she was fat with dark skin, so she decided to lose weight and make money to support her family. Surprisingly, a mysterious man, who had been staring at her for a long time, intercepted her on her way home and gave her all the money he had and loftily said, "You must be my wife since you've got all my money."
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Versatile Mage
He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed. His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician. Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans. His world of advanced science changed into one that praised magic. Despite this, his ambition in life, and his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk. However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage!
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Perspective Doctor on Campus
His skill in martial arts was so strong that he overwhelmed the powerful police beauties. He was a brilliant doctor who threw himself at the charming and affectionate female prioress. He is incomparable in painting and calligraphy, making the innocent schoolgirl and sexy actress obsessed all day and night. When he turns on his perspective eyes, he always offers a friendly reminder to all the beautiful women around him: please get dressed before you talk to me. He is Lin Chengfei, an ordinary student who has received the immortal inheritance...
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Gourmet of Another World
"In a fantasy world where martial artists can split mountains and creeks with a wave of their hand and break rivers with a kick, there exists a little restaurant like this. The restaurant isn't large, but it is a place where countless apex existences will rush into. There, you can taste egg-fried rice made from phoenix eggs and dragon blood rice. There, you can drink strong wine brewed from vermillion fruit and water from the fountain of life. There, you can taste the barbecued meat of a ninth grade supreme beast sprinkled with black pepper. What? You want to abduct the chef? That's not going to happen, because there's a tenth grade divine beast, the Hellhound, lying at the entrance. Oh, that chef also has a robotic assistant that killed a ninth grade supreme being with a single hand and a group of crazy women whose stomachs were conquered."
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Becoming the King of Cultivation
Gazing at the sky, the world is under my control. No one can compete with me! He was just a young man living in a valley who was supposed to spend his life in labor works just as his parents did. However, he was betrayed and his life changed. Being satirized by others, he realized that he can only be respected by people before he's getting stronger. He started the journey of cultivation while the way is destined to be difficult. Just before he can step further, he got his parents into trouble because of an impulsive retaliation. Consequently, he went on the road of revenge.
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My Reborn Crazy Wife with Superpower
She turned into a coward rich lady in her reborn life from the first commander of the East World End. When she met him for the first time, she was covered in blood but was calm to do the deal. She won the champion of a car race for him and left elegantly. For the second time, she kicked her sister, a troublemaker, into a pool in a fancy party, and this issue shocked all the upper class in this city. For the third time, he raised his eyebrow a bit and said, "I am your civil husband now." However, there are too many spoilers, and he had to make use of his charm and inducement. "Anan is gonna go abroad? What are you waiting for? Buy a plane!" "Got a mission? Go get me the best gun." "What? Being close to another man?" "You've changed. You don't love me, aye?" She narrowed her eyes a bit and pushed him against the wall with a smile, "Adorable. I wanna..." The male protagonist was deep but persistent in pursuing his wife regardless of his dignity. The female protagonist was cold, strong, and cool. This story is fu
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Super X-ray: Seeing You Through
Guan Yi, who was dumped by his girlfriend, got a mysterious mask with a "Super X-ray System" that enables him to see through everything: undiscovered antiques, hidden diseases, rough diamonds among the abandoned stones and even the good and evil thoughts in people's hearts!
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Ancient Strengthening Technique
Born in a world where martial power was respected but with a weak body, Qing Shui failed to cultivate to revenge. By accident, he got the ancient body-strengthing techniques allowing him to reshape his body, and he set forth on the journey to genius therefrom! Obtaining the Yin-Yang Painting, practicing hidden weapons, making high-level elixir... The once useless guy was reborn to shake the world!
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The Aberration in an Eye: Becoming a Martial Arts Master
An ordinary teenager gets a magical bead, and it merges into his left eye; hereafter, the left eye starts to aberrate. With his magic eye, he can foresee the future, win the gambling of jade, identify antiques, and set up a business empire. He is also a master of martial arts who beats tyrants and arrogant rich people. He is manly and dashing and appeals to numerous gorgeous women.
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Revived Dragon in the Metropolis
Canglong used to be a well-trained solider in the most potent special troop "Enforcer." He was murdered and revived as a playboy; hereafter, he started his amazing adventure in the metropolis--holding the good wine and cuddling the beauties.
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Reborn Movie Queen: I Become CEO's Wife
On their first meet, she gradually loses her consciousness under the effect of philter. Looking at him with her gradually faraway eyes, she murmurs in a low voice beside his ears, "How about giving myself to you for a wonderful night?" He directly answers with his action. For Su Qinglan, she only wants to find someone to relieve her from the philter's effect, but she doesn't expect such a reliever would have such a strong background. "Hey, woman. Do you still need a reliever who can move by himself?" "No, no, thanks. I'm fine now." feels not bad when being spoiled like a kitty by this man.
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Legendary Emperor of War
There was a place in the heaven used to trap demons. Hong, hong, hong! The bloody lightning roared in the sky and dashed to the ground relentlessly. Numerous demons trapped there were turned into ash.
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Reborn: the Revenge Queen
The micro dynamite caused Yilan You to die together with the man who cheated on her and the adulteress. The god showed his mercy and made her return to 16 years old. She was a humble person that almost everyone can bully her in her previous life. Now she is bold and fearless. She will ask those who owned her in her previous life to pay their price! Standard Chartered's face is not soft. However, she encountered a troublesome situation: she thought she could see through everyone's mind, but during a transaction with him, she accidentally lost her heart. This man is an absolute scourge!
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Rebirth of the Rich and Wealthy
Her father was missing when she's 3; her hand tendons were hamstrung when she's 15; her mother died in a car accident when she's 16; She became a joke at school when she's 18; her uncle sent her to an official's bed when she's 19. And finally, at the age of 22, her husband and her best friend cut her tongue, made her disfigured, and burned her to death. The god probably has sympathy for her, so he allows her to regain her life from the age of 15. Her compromise and endurance in the previous life bring her nothing but betrayal and torture. In this life, she's going to be overbearing and arrogant. But she has trouble with someone like a demon.
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Reborn: Welcome to the Dragon Palace
In the previous life, you looked down upon me? In this life, I'll leave you in the dust! The great monk Chen Mo, and his little sister secretly explored the forbidden place. After the fall, they were reborn into their senior year. Chen Mo found that the little sister actually was reborn to the earth a thousand years ago! First love in the previous life, Chen Mo disdained. The most beautiful woman of the previous life, Chen Mo regarded her as a servant girl. Enemies of the previous life, Chen Mo treated them with a fist. Pursuing the trace of the little sister, Chen Mo goes all the way forward. However, he found that the world has a secret...
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A Legendary Doctor with X-ray eyes
Dollars? I never ran out of them. Girls? They must queue for first. Powers? The president as my business partner would give you an answer. Wang Weiben was born into a pretty rich family, yet his father got framed up by others and his girlfriend was taken away by his good friend. During an accident, he got the talent and could see through everything. From then on, his other life just began.
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Reborn in 1987: The Story of an Abandoned Girl
Li Haitang survived. Through time travel, she went to a remote and poor village from the underground laboratory. She turned into a baby abandoned by her parents once she was born just liked her past life. Being reborn, she was decisive in staying away from freaks, registering the residence account independently, and studying separately but not living alone. Everything went very well without her adoptive mother's exploitation, and she ranked first in her middle school and college entrance examinations. She became the most famous study model among her surrounding places. Being indebted to her adoptive father, she took him out of the village, enjoy the beautiful scenery in their country, and travel abroad. As for her biological parents, it didn't matter. She had promised that she would have nothing to do with them.
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Bodyguard of the School Venus
Fan Tian used to dream of living a normal life while suddenly became a bodyguard of the prettiest girl student, Tang Guo! He thought he was too handsome to have friends or competitors until he was called as 'big brother' and provoked by those silver spoons...Fan Tian showed an evil smile: "Come on, kids! Let me teach you to be a good student!"
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Paranormal PE Teacher
"In June, the top scorer of the liberal arts of Qing Gang city, Mo Yu, was being interviewed by a reporter. "Mo Yu, what makes you such a master of math despite being a student of liberal arts? You just got full marks again!" "It's because of my PE teacher." "PE teacher?" "Yes, my PE teacher!" "My name is Xia Zhi, I am the PE teacher with the superpower. Don't mess with my students, my lovely colleagues, icy lady principal and most importantly, me!"
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Reborn Into the Hot Wife
What? Rebirth? From a poor family to a famous, wealthy one? From a nobody to the apple of the eye! Now that God has opened the door for her, how could she waste this kindness? Those who have bullied her in the previous life won't get away from her revenge. It's awesome to hit them on the face! Dare to rebel? Her dear father and her three brothers, who have no bottom line for his beloved daughter and their beloved sister, have sharpened their knives to protect. Wait, why is the handsome man next door staring at her? How dare he touch her?
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