Action Novels

Flash-Marriage with a Rural Teacher: She is Busy Farming
"A teacher from the countryside left her village, ditched her boyfriend, who she had been together with for six years, and the flash-married a guy from a rich family. On the marriage night, she surprisedly found that he had sexual dysfunction. What overwhelmed her more was that she realized she was pregnant after a month... "
Legendary Doctor
A legendary doctor started his new life in a city surrounded by quite a few beauties. See how he dealt with them...
Legendary King of Soldiers
Qin Kun was famous as the King of Soldiers among all the mercenary organizations and his legends spread around in all countries. He intended to lead a normal life, but got involved in conflicts of different kinds in which he never failed, though.
Legendary Emperor of War
There was a place in the heaven used to trap demons. Hong, hong, hong! The bloody lightning roared in the sky and dashed to the ground relentlessly. Numerous demons trapped there were turned into ash.
Invincible Soldier Controls the World
He is the invincible soldier of the army who sweeps all the enemies. He is the charming man who attracts all kinds of beauty. He is bold, strong and unscrupulous! He looks above everything and manipulates the world! Let's see how Xiao Jian overcomes everything on the journey of the transcendent!
The Best Doctor in Bloom City
An intern doctor happened to herit the medical skills of Bian Que, a legendary doctor, and was able to save lives and promote the good. See how he dealt with the vicious director, his ex-girlfriend who worshiped money, and a man who took advantage of his background to bully people!
The King's Game
The king asked me to steal panties from the prettiest girl in my class. I had to steal them, or I would die...
March over the World
A man with legendary talents for medical skills and military strategy was doomed to make his name and impress the world!
My Arrogant Days
Super cool, super awesome...
Super Luxury King System
He got the luxury king system and reached the top of his life.
The Super Doctor's Reversed Life
Wang Jiazhu was a mediocre guy. One day, he accidentally got a magical finger, which allowed him to cure severe disease. Then he reversed his old life and kicked start his new wonderful life with pretties, wealth, and power.