Billionaire Novels

Busy CEO: Playboy at Midnight
She was forced to get married and after years she met him again. She was quite confused, But what she wanted is that he said: You are my destiny.
Step aside! My Demon CEO
"She planned a one-night stand with him, only to get revenge on her stepmother and her sister. He made her have the baby, only to cure his ex's leukemia with cord blood. It's a mutual use without any sincerity. She stabbed him in the heart... After three years in prison for assault, she returned to get her child back. She hated his guts, and he used the child to humiliate her..."
How to Get Rid of My Thirsty Cunning CEO Husband
"Marry me! It's your best choice! Why me... Because I need a wife whom I don't dislike..."
See You Tonight, Master Su
The orphan girl Tong Hua accidentally got trapped by this demon-like man after she was betrayed by her aunt.
Divorced Lady Got in Trap of a Demon CEO
She was used by Nangong Chi to take revenge. When the marriage was set, she was so conservative that she didn't go against it. She thought there would be the light at the end of the tunnel in this marriage, but it turned out to be that her husband didn't want her to lead a happy life...
My Demon CEO
Han Yufei has the same nightmare for 5 years. She did not think that what happened in the dream is real...
Mercy, My Sweetie: CEO's Hardcore Wife
Zhao Qianran received a photo of her naked body and didn't even bother to think who it was. She immediately came to the man and slapped him on his face and messed up with his wedding ceremony.
Spoiled by My CEO Husband Every Night
Tong Huaer had an interview at Zong's Group. She would never expect that the CEO, Zong Beili, dragged her into a pantry! Huaer thought it was just a nightmare but surprisingly, she later married Zong Beili and started to lead a luxurious life!
Love in One Night's Indulgence
"On her wedding day, she was betrayed by the younger sister and her fiancé. For the dignity of the family, she could only swallow her sadness. Shen Jiayin, this young girl who has followed the rules for 20 years, decided to get indulged in this night. She thought it was only a body trade and she would get away with it after this night. But she got in trouble with the wrong man. This man with bandit temperament, not only wanted her body but also commandeered her heart. Mrs. Huo wanted to eat cherries, and Mr. Huo had sent people to New Zealand to do some shopping overnight. Mrs. Hauo loved operas, and Mr. Huo took the whole theatre to perform for her alone. Mrs. Huo liked young handsome guys and Mr. Huo... Mr. Huo pinched her chin and narrowed his eyes, ""do you want to try me or aother guy?"""
Emergency of the Marriage: Bad CEO's Desire for his Wife
Meeting Qi Cheng was like the light in the darkness for Wen Yining...
The Little Maid and Her Domineering CEO
"Woman, remember who is your man!" He was sometimes cold and sometimes gentle. She thought this billionaire fell in love with her, a little maid. When she was pregnant, he commanded: go abort the baby! This woman, make her disappear...
Get Away from My Cold CEO Husband
He was the mysterious CEO behind the business empire backstage. His status was exalted, and his disposition was cold and proud. Surrounded by many beautiful women, he only treated her differently. She was a poor girl in an arranged marriage by her father. Her status was low, and she was unpopular. All she wants was to get away from the bonds of men. Three years after marriage, she lived a carefree life with her son, but his return disturbed the peace. She was determined to leave because of the abuse she suffered. Five years later, this tender woman became an upper-class lady, returning home with a cute child. When she met him again, she smiled haughtily, " Mr. Xi, how are you?"
Here Comes the Mommy: Daddy, Take It!
After seven months' pregnancy, Ye Zhiqiao not only lost her fiancé but also her child. Five years later, as a famous designer returning with glory, Ye Zhiqiao started the prelude to the story at the airport...
Lova Battle after Marriage: Husband with Passion and Wife with Apathy
"Yu Yunqing, you're mine, this is my right." At night, he licked her shoulder and his voice was sexy. Each time he touched her, she vomited on him. Despite that, his desire for her was still burning."