Thriller Novels

Imp Seller
A female star suffered from imps. To save herself, she decided to make a sacrifice...
Clothes of Dead
Because of one vintage, I was dragged into this boundless horror whirlpool...
My Dream Man is Inhuman
I use WeChat to kill the time and the man I had been in love with secretly for years abruptly talked to me and asked me out. I went on the date anxiously, only to be fucked by a stranger. After that, I was flirted by a ghost and the disasters came...
I Saw the Ghosts Alive
If someone tells you that there is a weight loss fluid that can change you from a fat girl to Angelina Jolie in a second, don't believe it and don't buy it.
Feng Shui: How to Raise Ghosts
When my eldest brother died and got married, I was forced to take his place. From then on, I was haunted by the infant spirit, and I had no choice but to inherit the secret art of raising ghosts handed down from the ancestors and went on a road of no return.
Ghost Marriage was Far Too Hard
"She thought she could get rid of the ghost marriage like a nightmare by leaving the village. However, 12 years passed, he came to her again. She felt painful when she woke up and what's scarier was the ring which she could never throw away. The elderly said that the ring was the keepsake for love. With that, she could never escape the marriage."
The Psychic Lady
I was born in a coffin. I was doomed to live on the dead's money.
Husband's Strong Control: Every Night was Busy on the Bed
A director was impressed by me and offer me to join the shows. That night, an evil man fucked me and chased after from then on.