Xuanhuan Novels

The Seduction to a Martial Master
The heir of an elite martial arts clan, Chen Hui, travels through time with a heritage, the Sword of Wuxu. He becomes a young master of a declining family accidentally. Thanks to the special providence, his luck comes back, and he is determined to be the god of martial arts. Nobody can resist his sword; he would kill whoever hinders his steps. Apart from that, Loli, hotties, and gorgeous lady demon come to him one after another. Can he resist their seduction?
Reverse the World with Martial Arts from a Crap to a Master
I demand the sky can no longer cover my eyes! I demand the land can no longer bury my mind! I demand my destiny is only held in my own hands!" Chunan is a teenager whose tendons are all broken and is unable to practice martial arts. It is asserted that he would die at the age of 8, but he miraculously survives.
To be a good time traveler, one must have the ambition to become well-known around the world. Wu Sheng says:" Boss Feng, Please let me be your lackey." (The level of Martial Arts practitioners from low to high is: Wu Zi, Wu Shi, Wu Ren, Wu Shi, Wu Jiang, Wu Wang, Wu Zun, Wu Jun, Wu Sheng, Wu Shen.)
Genius Demon Demolisher
"Chen, you are the genius of our family, uncle believes in your talent." Outside the city of Fallen Leaves, there were more than a hundred people. Under the light of the morning, they were telling a young man with concern. These people were all from the Ye clan, and the young man is Ye Chen, the most talented disciple of the Ye family."